Cute boy speaks

After hours and hours and hours of painstaking work, I have finished the work for my sgs’.

Aside from that I have discovered that we are finally to have a social! It’s for all law schools at all the inns of court after our induction session. This excites me.

Anyway, before my SGS I decided to have a coffee. I’m no longer rich enough to go to Starbucks, having spent a small fortune there last week (and also, having discovered that there is a little cafe thing in our law school). I decided to have filtered coffee from our so-called canteen. I sat down with the Times and read. After about two minutes The Shagger took a seat on my table and asked if I minded. We spoke about stupid things like how we found the course and a bit about what we did before the bvc. Whilst these were not particularly interesting, The Shagger managed to speak with such charisma, it didn’t really matter that, if written on a piece of paper, what he said to read wouldn’t be particularly interesting. He made what he said come alive. He will make a fantastic barrister. He, understandably, already has pupillage.

Then Cute boy sat down soon after. Not half as charismatic but twice as gorgeous. Is it wrong that he’s a few years younger than me? He doesn’t look it (my flatmate’s retort was- oh yeh, my GFs four, but as long as she doesn’t look it… Idiot!). A few years surely doesn’t matter? Besides, he is mature for his age. And very nice to stare at. Sadly, I cannot see us speaking to each other until the lecture on Thursday, which is not so ideal.

Nonetheless, I went to my SGS with a skip in my step- contact with cute boy has been made!

I soon discovered that half the reading I did for the SGS was pointless. I stayed up late last night to do it, and for nothing it seems.

Anyway, ponce boy (“oh I own half of england…”) and nerdy boy have formed a little alliance, with quiet girl following like their groupie. I have befriended a quirky boy. Neither of us are that eager to make a mark on our tutors and dislike ponder boy alot.

I’m off to do more sgs work. Grr


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