Introducing: The shagger, Miss Well-to-do, and The Joker

So it appears I’m not the only person avoiding eye contact this morning.

Apparently a few people went to the pub down the road after drinks. Some of them knew each other from FRU or something. Anyway, they cleaned up in terms of drinks at the function yesterday (as not many people were there), got plastered at the pub, and then two of them went off on their own and went back to his place! Said girl is in a uni hoodie today (unlikely to be, though possibly, hers), whilst he looks like the cat that’s got the cream. GDL scholarship guy went to uni with the said boy, and apparently he’s always been a bit of a shagger and has not, to date, had a gf. Spoke to him today- he’s quite good looking, and has an accent from Essex. His father set up a building company and he’s allegedly incredibly rich because of it. You wouldn’t know it to look at him; He’s not ‘pretty’ or polished, but a bit scruffy and is quite charming because of it. I can see how he got with arguably one of the better looking girls at bar school.

We all went to lunch together today, and after getting teased for chatting up McWitty (the funny tutor), an equally funny bar school student (“the joker”) that ended up going to the pub started laying into Miss Well-to-do (the person that shagged the shagger). Rather than being embarrassed about it, she relished in the attention and said how she “loved a bit of rough”. She told us how her last boyfriend was a semi-pro footballer and “quite common” (her words not mine), and she said she’d rather it that way; “they’re usually easier to minipulate”. She’s a bit of a wanker but it was funny watching her trying to catch his eye in the lecture theatre in the afternoon and being completely ignored! Easier to minipulate? Yeah. Right.
He was walking with a rather dishy fella, who I hadn’t seen before, and we briefly caught each other’s eye. Okay, I know I’m not 5, but this was the most exciting thing that had happened all day (except for hearing the shagger and miss well-to-do’s liasons).

After the lecture I went in the lift to get my books from my locker and who walks in but McWitty. It was so painful.
He said ‘hello’. I said ‘hello’ back. We avoid eye contact. The lift ride was easily THE longest ride I’ve ever been on. I get off the lift, with a tight fake smile and say bye. I practically trip as I get off. Slick.

Miss well-to-do and a few people I hadn’t met before had a few drinks after lectures, and I managed to be slightly more restrained than the previous night. Our conversation consisted of us bitching about legal research which we HAVE to do. My friends at the Inn said that it was being eliminated this year as a module. They lied. It’s So very long, and So very boring.

Anyway, I managed to make it home with my dignity mostly in tact, and by not insulting people. I think things could be looking up!


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